At Mavor Design and Construction, building relationships is just as important as building houses!

While the other pages of this website will show you that I am a great homebuilder with extensive experience and excellent qualifications, they won't prove to you that I strive for close and personal relationships with each and every client. For this, you must contact my past clients directly and ask them why they would choose Mavor Design and Construction again to be their builder. I am happy to provide these names and contacts upon request (serious inquiries only).

One of the main reasons I have been successful in our homebuilding projects and in establishing great relationships with our clients is my policy of building only one custom home at a time. Unlike most general contractors who may have 3 - 10 projects to juggle, I schedule only one house at a time. This lets me focus all of my attention on only one project and only one client. My clients always come first. With Mavor Design and Construction, you'll never wait long hours or even days to talk to your builder!

Another reason for my success in establishing great relationships is the construction contract I use. For over 25 years of home construction in the Bozeman area, I have used a very client-friendly contract called a "fixed fee" contract. Unlike a typical "bid" contract which extablishes an adversarial relationship between the Owner and the Contractor, the fixed-fee contract sets up a win-win relationship. In my experience, this contract is a very key ingredient in establishing trust and cooperation between the Owner and the Contractor. In 25 years of using the fixed fee contract, I have consistently had great relationships with my clients. I have never been involved in a lawsuit, a lien or a court judgement!



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